What's Up - April 2014


By Larry Shapiro

If you need a dozen suggestions, ideas and, of course, opinions, then get at least five pilots together in a ten-foot circle.   I love listening to and hearing from all those that don’t own an airplane at the moment, maybe never have or never will, but they are the resident experts on everything that includes an aviation term.

In all fairness, there are times when I hear something that actually makes sense and is a good alternative.

Here’s one I especially liked.  First the topic:  Redoing the panel on an antique, or an aircraft of historical value, to original status requiring the spending of dollars consisting of a lot of zeros.

Here was my surprise… the comment most often heard was, “I didn’t think of that!”

Fortunately that isn’t a capital offense, but it can be punishing if you choose to kick yourself in the bottom, or top, for not thinking of that. (Please don’t ask me what that is.)

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What's Up - March 2014

The Food was Great… But How About the Service?

By Larry Shapiro

I know, you’ve never heard or said these words before, but I know better!  I can’t count the times I’ve said them.  I know that great food sometimes prevails over bad service, but more than often it’s the other way around.  Wonderful meals have been ruined by bad service.

We live in a world where the word “service” is used, and used often.  It is not only used often, but also used in so many other ways and sometimes misused.

On Sundays and other observed Sabbaths, “Did you enjoy the Service?”

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What's Up - February 2014


By Larry Shapiro

Hey Shapiro, is that anyway to start your column?  Maybe – maybe not. But then you probably didn’t lose a treasured friend recently and therefore aren’t feeling the loss I’m feeling.  You may have at sometime, yourself.  You might at sometime down the road. But death is just a word, sometimes a feeling, and it’s definitely part of life! 

Please remember, sometimes the word “death” is used in humor as well as in, “That was so funny I almost died laughing!” How about the expression, “That’s drop dead beautiful!   We’ve all said, at sometime or another, “You’re dead right or wrong! Or, “Hey, you’re a dead ringer for that person I saw on the cover of the Goofy Things Gazette.”  I know I’ve said, “I’d kill for an airplane like that,” never mind, by now you’ve got my point.

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What's Up - January 2014

Ditch The Anger

By Larry Shapiro

A Wing and A Prayer, PS.

Previously I wroteThis month (December, 2013) I will once again apply for my ticket and feel confident that with the help of my doctors, and all the records I have kept organized, I will prevail as I know the FAA is there to help and I’m sure they will. If you have questions, you know where I am.

And now the PS:  Because of the holidays I delayed filing my application for only one week but it caused the following problem.  In the few days I delayed putting in my papers the FAA added one sentence to their requirements for a locally issued medical for dudes like me with Prostate Cancer… please take this seriously … they added the words” if the cancer has not left the prostate, then you may issue locally, however, if it has left the prostate then we (FAA Oak City) must issue. 

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What's Up - December 2013

A Wing and A Prayer

By Larry Shapiro

Let me say this again, “A Wing and a Prayer!  There are not many pilots out there that haven’t heard that expression.  I wonder how many ever questioned what it meant?  I suppose one could say that if you lose a wing, you don’t have a prayer… or, if you do lose a wing then you’d better pray.  Either way I have found this expression used for many years in many ways.  I’d be interested in your take on what “A Wing and A Prayer” means to you. 

I’ve made no secret on how “prayer” has taken on a new meaning to me this past year.  As I waged my personal war and battled Cancer, “prayer” became my new friend.  Since I’m an equal opportunity prayer, I’ve prayed in different languages, cities, states and countries and I’m happy to report to you, I truly believe “prayer” works and the price is right. 

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