What's Up: It’s Pucker Month so? The month of love and Valentines!

By Larry Shapiro

I love each month that has a theme. Some are good, and some aren’t. It seems that most have a food theme, and then I remember I write an aviation column, and I’m suppose to write about things that are suppose to make aviators happy.

It was at that point I remembered that making an aviator happy might be above my pay grade.  Then I remembered how much alike we all are… but we are polite except for a few rude ones that sneak in. I know we all appreciate the kindness and help offered to us almost everywhere when we’re trying to survive a cross-country flight.

This reminds me how few pilots ever leave their zip codes or time zones after they are sitting on their private tickets. I’m serious! I have this discussion more often than I do about ice cream. Any new aviator that works with me gets the same suggestion: When you have 100 hours, beg, borrow, or even rent an appropriate airplane, and now the “kicker,” I beg, plead, and whatever it takes to get them to do the following trip, and… to do it solo.

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What's Up: Service

By Larry Shapiro

I’ve had so much fun thinking about how many times and places we see and use the word: “service.” Here are a few of my thoughts on this important word. (Please feel free to share some of your favorites and not so favorites).

I know I’ll miss some, but for starters, I was in the Service … and I’m very proud of it. How many times have you heard the word used when there is a uniform involved?

I couldn’t guess the amount of service stations I’ve used, and how I evaluated each of them. I still do. Ever wonder why they’re called “Service Stations?”

A great meal at your favorite restaurant with bad service becomes a least favorite place. On the other hand, great service at your favorite greasy spoon or drive through becomes a regular. I’ve always loved this: A good meal served badly ends up being a bad meal. Bad food coupled with good service is what you remember and will go back to.

In conversations about retail stores, hotels, and other places of pleasure, the questions of service always comes up. We can’t help ourselves; we all are aware of the “service” provided.

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What's Up:

I know I get credit for more than my share of headaches bending your ears over my favorite subject; “No more third class medical.” I’ve shortened the words for space reasons, but I had little or no support from many of you that it might actually happen. Well, if I were a bettingman,who come to think of it I am, I believe it’s going to happen.

If you know me, you’ve probably heard me use the words, “Pilots have no common sense!” Well, in the end, I am going to be right; we just don’t have too much common sense, and I wish we had more, heck, I’d be happy if we just had some.

Keep your logbooks crossed that I’m right on this one … I have to be. It just makes good common sense.

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What's Up: Creature Comforts...

By Larry Shapiro

I remember many years ago when I was in the midst of becoming a fulltime professional pilot, I flew with a friend who always hung a key ring loaded with “junk” on his panel.

I asked him to explain his collection, and he responded with, “They’re my creature comforts. 

Ok, Ok, I’m getting there . there was a nail file, nail clippers, chap stick, etc. and I felt a little confused … of course back then, I didn’t fly often enough to ever think of things like that. Of course today, it’s a different story.

I too carry my Key Ring emporium, and it has lots of these creature comforts and probably more. The funny thing is that it’s always with me, and I always use it.

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What's Up: With A Very Heavy Weaker Heart Here I GO!

By Larry Shapiro

Hey Lar, have an accident?  “No thanks, I just had one.”

I know, I know bad joke… But there are many lessons to be learned and shared here, and I have a chance to use some of my old faithful bad jokes to tell my story.

Since I’m running out of money, send me a dollar and a note reminding me how many times you’ve heard me say, “Pilots have no common sense, and I think it doesn’t exist in General Aviation.” Then I could buy that house in the country I always wanted.

Because I am in the middle of what some of you might call a legal situation, I’d call it an inconvenience or a contribution to my lawyer’s retirement fund. I’ve been told anything I write could be used against me… hummm, the truth could be used against me… what an interesting concept. 

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