The Pylon Place: November 2014

By Marilyn Dash

2014 NCAR Review – Part 2

Last month, we reviewed the International Formula 1, Biplanes and T-6 classes from the 2014 National Championship Air Races held in Reno, Nev.  This month, we will complete our review, highlighting the Sport Class, Jets and Unlimited Division.

Sport Class

Jeff LaVelle does it again in 20134. (Anthony Taylor/ year, Jeff LaVelle broke two records. In his Glasair III, Jeff broke his own record for Fastest Qualifying time and in Heat 1A, he broke the fastest time in the race also.

Not sure what magic Jeff has in that aircraft, but it sounds awesome and looks great. And he is most likely not done tinkering yet. Always looking to increase his speed by a knot or two, he is one of the reasons to watch the Sport Class.

Veteran Thunder Mustang Pilot, John Parker was nipping at his heels but was denied in the end with a mechanical and a DNS for the final.

Gary Mead qualified fifth, but through luck and attrition, ended up taking second place. While Swiss Pilot, Peter Balmer, qualified eighth in the only other Thunder Mustang racing this year–he finished third. It was one of those years.

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The Pylon Place: 2014 NCAR Review

Part 1

By Marilyn Dash

The 2014 National Championship Air Races (NCAR) will be remembered for several record-breaking moments. Let’s get started in Part 1 of our two-part review

International Formula 1

Steve Senegal in his Record Setting Racer, Endeavor (Anthony Taylor)IF1 already had a great year. They were able to add a race in Spain earlier this summer with a handful of our racers heading over there to race and monitor the event. It seems there will be even more races for them in 2015. That is great news for a truly competitive class with a reasonable financial entry point. (Hint–to all those wannabe racers out there!)

This year at NCAR, the racing was amazing as always. So many of these race planes are evenly matched, which creates close, competitive racing.

Steve Senegal in Endeavor set a course record with 267.289 mph, beating Jon Sharp’s old record of 263.188 set in 1999. Senegal also took the Gold on Sunday for his fifth win. Congrats to Steve and Team Endeavor!

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The Pylon Place: Pylon Racing Seminar 2014

By Marilyn Dash

The 2014 PRS Graduating Class. (Anthony Taylor/Warbird Fotos)A record number of attendees joined forces at Stead Field outside of Reno, Nev. to qualify and practice for the 51st National Championship Air Races to be held Sept. 10-14th.

International Formula 1 continues to earn its name – by the addition of Frenchman, Christophe Delbos flying Spaniard, Bill Paradi’s aircraft, N-A-Rush. Bill and his new wife are expecting a baby around the same time as the races, so Bill asked Bobos to fly his plane for him. (This is very bad timing, Bill!).

Some of you may remember Christophe (aka Bobos) from the Big Frog Racing Team in the Sport Class. The Diesel-powered NXT flew only one year before the engine failed, and Bobos had an off-field landing, Strawberry Fields Forever.  He’ll be back in another sport racer in the future – but will be an IF1 racer this year.

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The Pylon Place - June 2014

The Mighty 8th at Planes of Fame

By Marilyn Dash

This year’s Planes of Fame Air Show focused around The Mighty 8th Air force. The 8AF was established in February 1944 by re-designation of the 8th Bomber Command.  Considered to be the Greatest Air Armada in History under the leadership of the likes of Jimmy Doolittle, at the height of WWII, there were more than 200,000 people assigned to the 8th with the ability to launch more than 2,000 four-engine bombers and over 1,000 fighters on a single mission. To honor this fine organization, Planes of Fame focused on their accomplishments.

One of the highlights of the show was the opportunity for the public to meet and honor our beloved Veterans. Christina Olds, author and daughter of famous Pilot Ace Robin Olds, moderated the Veteran’s Panel during the show. Hundreds of guests, friends, pilots and children were able to meet these fine gentlemen and shake hands with some of our heroes.

Nearly a dozen P-51s from A to D lined up ready to start the show. (Anthony Taylor/Warbird Fotos)Nearly a dozen P-51s from A to D lined up ready to start the show.

It was especially touching to see the F/A-22 pilots and crew shake hands with C.E. Bud Anderson, WWII Triple Ace and quite a character. It’s good to see the next generation appreciate the Greatest Generation.

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The Pylon Place - May 2014

It’s Airshow Season AGAIN!

By Marilyn Dash

Sea Fury Noses (Anthony Taylor/Warbird Fotos)Finally, the winter dreary is over and the sunscreen and cameras are coming out of the closet. It’s time to start making the trek each weekend to your local Airports to see the show.

One thing we’ve noticed is fly-ins making a comeback with several new events cropping up. I believe this is great for airport community relations and if joined with a visit from one of the bombers like the B17 from Liberty Foundation (, or the fleet from Collings Foundation ( – this makes it all the better.

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