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Genuine Hawker Winglets Receive FAA Certification for Hawker 400XPR Upgrade Program

Beechcraft Corporation announced at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention & Exhibition in Orlando that its Hawker 400XPR winglet testing and certification is complete. Genuine Hawker Winglets are now available for installation on Beechjet 400A / Hawker 400XP aircraft at Textron Aviation service centers.

“Genuine Hawker Winglets deliver distinct performance improvements while maintaining wing life and aircraft inspection schedules,” said Brad Thress, senior vice president, Customer Service. “These winglets will save owners time and money with improved fuel economy, reduction in time-to-climb and more range than ever before, not to mention the added ramp appeal.”

With a lightweight construction, these winglets feature a two-year warranty and LED position lights with 5,000-hour average lifetime. The winglet system increases wing aspect ratio to reduce induced drag and allows the airplane to fly farther on less fuel. By increasing wing surface area, the winglets provide greater slow speed handling and improved stability at higher flight levels. Preliminary performance data shows that aircraft upgraded with Genuine Hawker Winglets should see a 3 to 4 percent increase in range.

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