Celebrate Centennial of Flight Oct. 21-24

Soaring 100 - October 21-24, 2011 |First Flight Foundation|:

Soaring 100! The centennial celebration of Orville Wright’s historic, world record glider flight on October 24, 1911 of 9 minutes and 45 seconds heralding the arrival of modern soaring.

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AOPA: Oct. 31 Deadline for June Aircraft Registrations

AOPA Online: Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association:

June registrations up for renewal
If your aircraft’s registration certificate was issued in June of any year, it is set to expire at the end of this year. Your re-registration window - the time during which you can apply online or by mail and ensure that your application will be processed in time - ends Oct. 31.



ICAS Sets Tentative Convention Schedule

International Council of Air Shows:

The tentative schedule for this year’s ICAS Convention will provide you with a rough outline of what will happen when. The convention takes place in Las Vegas, Dec. 4-7.
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AOPA Exclusive: Morgan Stanley Predicts Turnaround for GA

AOPA Exclusive Report:

Morgan Stanley predicts turnaround for aviation
It’s time for a recovery. Morgan Stanley Managing Director and Senior Analyst of Aerospace Heidi Wood told AOPA Live that historically, a business jet recession hasn’t lasted longer than three years. Another positive sign: U.S. corporate cash balances are at an all-time high. One that thing could help the recovery is a decrease in “political overhang.”
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Win A Luscombe


GILBERT, AZ:  Since 1993, the Luscombe WIN ME ! drawing promotions have delivered sport, and support to the aviation community with the raffle of a fully restored airplane.

Winners are drawn from just 3000 ticket entries.  ‘Early bird’ entrants participating in the drawing became eligible by buying their tickets prior to October 2010, and May 2011:

The final grand prize drawing is coming up at the end of the year, and we have only about 900 tickets left.

More than 300 tickets were sold in August 2011- and over 400 sold in September 2011. If you have not yet entered, now is the time to do so- before the drawing sells out or closes to new entrants.  Details are available at, where there is also a link for online or mail purchases.  One may always call at 480-917-0969 to order on line.


The proceeds[1] from this drawing are used to develop parts, technical assistance and support for the vintage aircraft fleet which would not otherwise be available.  The Endowment has delivered on its promises to supply and support rare brakes[2], small Continental engines[3], as well as STC’s, Luscombe and Taylorcraft components[4].   Customer quotes:

“Your help with my Old brakes and the Alternator STC has been outstanding”   “I am really glad you guys are there”,  Paul Burnett, Tampa, FL.

“The Continental Propeller hub you sent me was nicer than the original”, Ron Dixon, Bowie, Maryland.


The airplane to be given away in this drawing is a 1946 Luscombe 8E airplane with an O-200 engine, flaps, extended baggage, comfort seats, hydraulic brakes, radio, intercom, transponder/encoder, strobes and VFR instrumentation. Further Details and pictures are available at






[1] After paying expenses for airplane display, restoration, prizes, and promotion.

[2] Linings and mechanical devices for Cleveland- Van Sickle, Goodyear, and Shinn-Firestone mechanical brakes is provided.

[3] Rare Propeller hubs, specialty fittings, and STC alternator upgrades have been developed and delivered through the Luscombe Endowment’s programs.

[4] Specialty pulleys for Luscombe and Taylorcraft aircraft have been developed and produced with the

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