Win the Flight of a Lifetime! Fly Stallion 51's P-51Mustang "Crazy Horse"

Stallion 51 is donating a Mustang flight to benefit Mercy Flight and Angel Flight Southeast

The drawing for this flight of a lifetime will be at Sun ‘n Fun.  Enter now to win a P-51 Mustang Flight! $20.00 enters you for a to win a flight in Stallion 51’s Mustang “Crazy Horse”! Round trip airfare included, up to $500.00 to Orlando, Florida. Pilots, non-pilots and aviation lovers; this not a ride-along but a half day experience including a one-hour hands-on flight that will fulfill your flying fantasy.

Angel Flight Southeast’s mission is to “Arrange free flights so children and adults can have access to the far-from-home doctors that can save their lives.”

Angel Flight™ Southeast is an IRS 501(c)(3) organization of more than 650 volunteer pilots who utilize their own aircraft, fuel and time to provide free air transportation to medical facilities for citizens who are financially distressed or otherwise unable to travel on public transportation. Angel Flight Southeast also coordinates missions to fly organ transplant candidates, people involved in clinical trials, chemotherapy or other repetitive treatment, victims of abuse seeking relocation, families receiving help from Ronald McDonald Houses, Shriners Hospitals and many other charities, disabled or sick children to special summer camp programs, and for many other humanitarian reasons. Angel Flight Southeast coordinates an average of 3,000 missions per year with its group of all volunteer pilots.

Angel Flight Southeast belongs to the Air Charity Network; an association of charitable aviation organizations comprised of more than 7,000 pilots who flies more than 22,000 missions for 35,000 passengers nationwide annually.

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Support Angel Flight West

Calling All Pilots

We all have many reasons for flying. For most of us our aircraft become time machines whisking us to distant places for an afternoon, a weekend or a place we can’t get to without hours of driving. Whatever the reason flying is our passion and it gives us great pleasure.

Angel Flight West is in need of your time and your time machines. Angel Flight West arranges transportation for individuals and families in need of specialized care. The needs are many, “it’s a 5 hour round trip in my car every other day for chemotherapy” or “my immune system is so weak from my treatments commercial air travel is out of the question”, or “I can’t afford the expense”.

Angel Flight West is looking for pilots who want to do more with their passion for flying. In your time machine as an Angel Flight Command Pilot you will be able to help individuals and families meet their special needs. Come to a one-hour presentation at Coast Flight Training Saturday, March 29 at 10 A.M., to learn about Angel Flight West, their mission, and hear the personal stories from Command Pilots. Please respond by email if you would like to attend this presentation.

It’s not an excuse to fly… it’s a reason!

Date: March 29th, 2014
Time: 10 AM
Location: Coast Flight Training
3753 John J Montgomery Dr
San Diego, CA 92123
To RSVP email: with name and # of guests!


Larry Whitesitt Receives Master Pilot Award

By EAA Staff

Larry Lee Whitesitt of Fairfield, Wash., was honored with the FAA’s Wright Brothers Master Pilot Award signifying 50 years of safe, violation-free flying - many as a bush pilot in Canada’s Northwest Territory. Minard Thompson, FAASTeam program manager at the Spokane FSDO, presented the award at the Chapter 79 Christmas party held in December.

Larry, who at age 75 is current and still flies, has authored three books, including two recounting his bush flying experiences. The first recounts what he calls his all-time favorite airplane, Flight of the Red Beaver: A Yukon Bush Pilot Adventure. The second book is Northern Flight of Dreams: Flying Adventures in British Columbia, Yukon, NW Territories and Alaska. He also wrote Higher than Eagles: Spokane’s World War II Pilots in tribute to the heroes of WWII.


Zenith Aircraft Ships 10,000th Set of Plans

Zenith Aircraft has sold over 10,000 sets of plans and shipped them out to over 50 countries.Zenith Aircraft Company has now shipped 10,000 sets of plans to aircraft builders in more than 50 countries. Most sets of plans are sent with complete or partial aircraft kits, though some go to builders who prefer to scratch-build the aircraft.

Over the past four decades, prolific aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz has developed a dozen aircraft designs. Today, Zenith Aircraft Company markets kits for four of Chris Heintz’ most popular and versatile concepts: the original STOL CH 701 Sky Jeep, the STOL CH 750, the CH 750 Cruzer, and the low-wing CH 650. Additional Heintz designs are built and sold by Zenith’s sister company: Zenair Ltd, in Canada.

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Cirrus Aircraft Deliveries in 2013 Drive Strongest Performance in Five Years

Cirrus Aircraft has announced that in 2013 it delivered 276 new aircraft, nearly a 10 percent increase over 2012, marking its best aircraft shipment performance since 2008. With these results, Cirrus Aircraft’s annual market share has grown to an all-time high of 37 percent and the SR22/22T model remains the best-selling four- or five-seat airplane for the 11th year in a row.

“The key driver to this past year’s outstanding performance was Cirrus owners’ and pilots’ strong response to Generation 5 - which was introduced in early 2013 with the new capability to carry 200 lbs more than any previous Cirrus airplane,” said Todd Simmons, Executive Vice President Sales, Marketing and Customer Support at Cirrus Aircraft.

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