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EAA Newsletter November

November 2018

EAA Spirit Newsletter

Thanks for checking out the EAA Spirit newsletter! EAA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping members inspired and growing participation in aviation.

As you read, we hope you’ll find a story that inspires you — one that compels you to seek out aviation adventures, again and again. Because no matter your level of interest, we’re here to help you explore your passion. So, do you have planes on the brain? Well then, welcome home!

Never forget, you’re what keeps aviation strong. If you’re ready to become a member of the EAA family, we’d love to have you!

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Ray Aviation Scholarship Fund Finances Training for PilotsFinding The Spirit of Aviation in the Backcountry

There might be more dust, playa desert, and cowboys in Nevada than in Wisconsin, but the atmosphere, camaraderie, and love for aviation felt all over the dry lakebed at the ninth annual High-Sierra Fly-In had quite the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh convention feel. Check out our short recap of EAA’s experience at the event. Watch now →

EAA Member Helps Fight California Wildfires

Marcos Valdez, EAA 618370, wanted to be perfectly clear on one detail — the true heroes in the fight against the raging California wildfires are the firefighters on the ground. Read more →

AirVenture Heats Up After the Air Show!Motivated Teacher Brings Aviation to Louisiana School

As a teacher at the St. Helena College and Career Academy in Greensburg, Louisiana, this school year, I was able to implement an Aviation and Aerospace Education Society club for students in grades seven through 12. Full story →
World War II Veteran Surprised With a Flight on His 90th Birthday
Nearly 70 years after George Jacobs had last touched a B-17, his daughter Joy arranged a flight aboard EAA’s Aluminum OvercastWatch video →
NASA Continues Work on Latest X-Plane
The X-59 QueSST, for quiet supersonic technology, is intended to enable supersonic flight without sonic booms. Read more →
Volocopter to Begin Urban Test Flights
A series of tests in Singapore next year are planned to demonstrate the viability of the electric VTOL as an air taxi. Read more →
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