Goodies and Gadgets - June 2011

Two Place Portable Pulse-Demand, FADOC Oxygen System for Cessna, Mooney, Piper, Cirrus and Bonanza Pilots

Mountain High’s new portable technology is the two-person portable “MH EDS O2D2 Pulse Demand FADOC (Full Authority Digital Oxygen Control) Oxygen Delivery System” designed for Cessna, Mooney, Piper, Cirrus and Bonanza. The MH EDS O2D2 is the only single unit, portable, two-place, carry-on Pulse Demand oxygen system currently available. Systems are also available for those with original factory built-in oxygen systems.

The MH EDS O2D2, with the patented digital electronic “Pulse Demand” FADOC oxygen delivery system, enables the pilot and passenger/crew to fly at pressure altitudes up to 25,000 feet with safety and comfort. The O2D2 digital pulse demand system reduces oxygen consumption dramatically.  Different from the “standard” constant flow systems, the O2D2 pulse demand system wastes no oxygen during the breathing cycle. Studies show that 90 percent of the oxygen supplied by the O2D2 is transferred to the blood. The average user will enjoy a conservative consumption drop of four (4) times or more compared to the constant flow systems. 

The system operates, with two people, for 100 plus hours on three AA alkaline batteries. Easy to use, the two-person O2D2 reduces oxygen system workload to almost nil.  There are no oxygen flow indicators to watch or manually operated constant flow valves to adjust due to altitude changes.  Two push buttons cycle the O2D2 through the various modes that automatically deliver the required supplemental oxygen pulses for various altitudes for both the pilot and passenger or two passengers.

The complete standard portable system consists of an aluminum oxygen cylinder (buyer has a choice of sizes with upgrades available to very lightweight composite cylinders), a cylinder carry case, primary reducing regulator, low pressure service line, connection fittings, the MH EDS O2D2 FADOC unit, breathing cannulas, face masks, and a tote bag.

A variety of options are available to meet specific pilot needs. Options include lightweight composite cylinders, regulators, adapters, cannulas and facemasks with mics to name a few.   The complete (including aluminum cylinder) portable two-place MH EDS O2D2 Pulse Demand FADOC Oxygen Delivery System starts at $1100.

To order, contact Mountain High Equipment & Supply toll free at 800/468-8185 or E-mail See Mountain High at EAA Oshkosh, Building C - Booth # 3073.


Wicks Introduces Colorful Pitot Tube Covers and Nacelle Streamers

Wicks Aircraft has added pitot covers and “Remove Before Flight” streamers to their growing list of pilot supplies. Check out this new line of colorful, durable covers for pitot tubes and nacelle plug streamers that will fit most single and twin engine aircraft models. Made of heavy canvas and florescent plastic that is light-reflective, each Hi Viz product features a prominent “Remove Before Flight” label that can easily be seen day or night. They can be applied or removed in seconds and are easily stored in the aircraft while flying. Essential for outdoor tie-downs, the covers and streamers are beneficial to many owners storing their aircraft in hangar ports or porous hangars.

The angle pitot tube, blade tube and universal tube Hi Viz covers, along with the streamers, sell for $10 each. To order, visit or call 800.221.9425


Goodies and Gadgets - May 2011

Angel Flight Assistant for Managing Cell Phone and Music Links

The compact and lightweight router uses Bluetooth technology to link headsets to cell phones and MP3 players. The Angel allows pilots to make phone calls or select stereo music without removing the headset.

Audio quality is excellent and navigating through the Angel is easy. It also has a built in E6B flight computer and stores cell phone contacts for speed dialing. If the pilot’s music system or cell phone is not Bluetooth compatible, there are audio inputs for jacks. A 24-hour clock with date and day are built in. The unit automatically cuts out for radio transmission or reception.

Wicks Aircraft is offering the Angel Flight Assistant for $399. It can be ordered through or by calling 800/221-9425.
Start Pac 53025 Power Supply

The American made Start Pac 53025 Power Supply comes in either a  12 volt or 24 volt configuration. The 12-volt version offers up to 50 continuous amps for powering up aircraft systems so that the battery can be preserved for starting. The 24-volt version offers 25 continuous amps for aircraft systems. These eight-pound units are continuous duty fan cooled with both over-voltage and over-current protection for unsurpassed safety and easy operation. START PAC also offers an entire range of patent pending ground power products including the only Lithium starting units in the world. Call toll free at 888/901-9987 or 702/982-7089 for additional information, or visit


Goodies and Gadgets - April 2011

New Interlocking Drip Pan Design from DripPansUSA Protects Floors Better Than Ever

There’s nothing quite like oil, fuel or other drips to ruin a shop floor or worse yet, cause a safety hazard. Minneapolis-based DripPansUSA offers their new, interlocking drip pans for $29.95.

Whether used for truck fleets, busses, in public works buildings or aircraft hangars, the interlocking design allows users to join multiple drip pans along their edges, protecting floors in an infinite arrangement of shapes and sizes. The sturdy, yet lightweight drip pans are easy to set up and clean up. 

The drip pans are made of black polyethylene and are available in two sizes.  18” x 48” and 24” x 30” sizes.  Each is approximately .125” high and they are light and durable.

“By far, DripPansUSA are the best drip pans. I’ve owned an aircraft hangar for years and haven’t found anything that protects my hangar floor quite like our drip pans,” said Greg Herrick, pilot, inventor and owner of DripPansUSA.

DripPansUSA guarantees customer satisfaction or they will refund the purchase price. They are  made in the U.S.A. and available at or by calling 800-461-0294.

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Goodies and Gadgets - March 2011’s ipad kneeboard Pro product line

Having the ability to access the wealth of aviation information on the Internet from anywhere at any time is convenient. Being able to bring a vast amount of information with you on every flight in a very secure, easy to use, easy to read and easy to carry device is simply amazing! The iPad and the iPad Kneeboard Pro from make all of this possible.

Now you can bring an iPad with you into the cockpit of any airplane where it can be held secure on your knee and lap. Available in silver or black, the iPad Kneeboard Pro was designed for pilots by pilots. It is designed to accommodate all preferences for how you like to use it - both right and left hand, attached to the right or left leg, as a traditional kneeboard or as a lap desk. The choice is yours. Any way you choose to use it, your iPad will be secure in its place.

You can easily slide the iPad out of the case when you want to hold it up close, turn it into landscape mode or hand it to someone else.

The Pro C includes a specialized clipboard that adheres on the outside or inside of the case. This allows you the choice and flexibility to carry and take notes in-flight. For those not wanting the clipboard, purchase the iPad Kneeboard Pro alone.

The iPad Kneeboard Pro is currently offered at a price of $159, the iPad Kneeboard Pro C (with clipboard) is $189, and the iPad Kneeboard Pro C Bundle (includes Pro C & Slipcase – best value) is $209. For more information, contact Aircraft Spruce at 1-877-477-7823 or on the website enter “iPad Kneeboard Pro” into the Product Search box.

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Goodies and Gadgets - February 2011

One of the truly great things about being an aviation buff is the number of “Goodies and Gadgets” available to play with.  Here we have collected a few new ones worthy of your consideration.

Contributors are welcome.  Simply send a description of your item, where it can be purchased, and a photo to

Aircraft Window Tint

Arctic Plane offers you a convenient solution for gaining all the benefits of window tinting. Easy to remove, requires little storage, and reapplies as easy as the first time. The tinted film comes pre-cut to your application so there is minimal installation required. It is the most cost efficient way to reduce the heat in the cabin, prevents interior damage from UV rays, eliminates dry cracked plastic on the dash and side panels, and prevents fading of seats and carpet.


Cessna 182 Gross Weight Increase STC Now Available

Now there’s a new Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that will increase the useful load of your Cessna 182P or 182Q by 150 to 160 pounds, and your ramp weight (in most cases) by 160 pounds. Best of all, this new STC requires no parts, no modifications, and no installation labor costs.  One low initial price and your airplane suddenly gains greater utility, value, and safety benefits.  This STC is available for $750.00.  When making inquiries reference part number 05-04889.


New Experimental Aircraft Cabin Heater

Aircraft Spruce President Jim Irwin said, “we are pleased to include the Neat Heater, manufactured by Light Sport Technologies, to our vast line of products specific to the experimental aircraft enthusiast.  We see the “Neat Heater” as an excellent addition to our product line and to those looking for an economical way of heating their cockpit.”

The Neat Heater is compact in size measuring less than eight inches square and 4 inches in depth. The 300 CFM fan draws only 3.4 amps. This heat system, designed specifically for Light Sport & Ultralight Aircraft, installs easily in any aircraft with a liquid cooled power plant. The Neat Heater is available for $372.

 The New Concorde RG-12LSA Aircraft Battery

New Concorde RG-12LSA is a small, lightweight sealed valve regulated lead acid battery for experimental and new Type Certified aircraft. This RG Series battery incorporates Concorde’s recombinant gas technology installed on various types of commercial, military and private aircraft for engine cranking. Built under strict ISO 9001:2000 + AS9100B quality standards using the manufacturing processes you have come to expect with all Concorde Batteries.

New V:ONE Pilot Sunglasses

The V:ONE Classics Collection currently consists of the Magneto & Altitude ranges which perfectly fuse practicality with contemporary fashion. Remarkably strong, their slender metal frames utilize narrow sidearms and hi-grip rubber temple tips to reduce blind spots and maximize comfort. The frame’s curvature ensures that the eye’s entire field-of-vision is protected from every angle.


For more information on all these new products, please contact Aircraft Spruce at 1-877/4SPRUCE (1-877/477-7823) or view Aircraft Spruce’s complete product line at  Request your complimentary copy of the company’s free 800-page catalog (in print or on CD) and their full-color Pilot Shop catalog.


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