Goodies and Gadgets - January 2014

The Deohako Propshot Lens

The Deohako PropShot-Smarty is a universal smartphone lens and mount for your iPhone, Samsung, or other mobile device that allows video footage to be captured without the propeller distortion and Jello effect usually experienced while shooting aerial videography. The Deohako PropShot Lens uses a special dual circular polarizer lens plus a neutral density filter to capture professional looking video. The universal smartphone grip adjusts to securely hold your mobile device.  Its rotating ball head positions your smartphone at any angle to capture amazing flight footage.  Just slide your phone into the smartphone holder, add the Prop Shot Lens, and start filming.

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Goodies and Gadgets: December 2013

Reno Air Race’s Online Store Now Open

The official Reno Air Race’s 50th logo merchandise has been restocked and is ready to ship from their website. Great gift ideas for the holidays for all race fans. Items include 50th anniversary poster, men’s suede jacket, polo shirts for men and women, twill shirts, denim shirts and much more.
Check out the website for information regarding selection, size, color and pricing, including shipping.

Items Include:

• 50th Anniversary Poster, $15
• 50th Anniversary Suede                 Jacket, $240.00
• 2013 Official 50th Anniversary             Logo Tee Shirt, $25
• Men’s 2-Tone 50th Anniversary     Logo Polo Shirt, $47
• Women’s 50th Anniversary logo     polo shirt, $47


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Goodies and Gadgets - November 2013

Jewelry Made From B-17 Bomber Skins Highlights New EAA Gift Catalog

Give a piece of the legendary B-17 Flying Fortress this holiday season with original, exclusive jewelry made from the actual exterior skins of EAA’s Aluminum Overcast, available through the 2013 EAA merchandise catalog.

This jewelry is available only through EAA, made by Criffin Designs from the skins that were removed after being damaged in a 2012 hailstorm. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this jewelry will help maintain the B-17 in flying condition for years to come.

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Goodies and Gadgets - August 2013

Hellcat Bottle Opener

Get ready to pop that top with this truly unique handcrafted, Hellcat bottle opener.  Not only is this a fun keepsake and a functional gadget, but it also resembles the Grumman F6F carrier-based fighter used in World War II.  

The Hellcat bottle opener is made with lead-free pewter with some sterling silver that provides an exceptional shine.  You can keep the Hellcat bottle opener clean by hand washing with ammonia free mild soap and water.  Dishwashing is not recommended. A pewter cleaning cloth available from any hardware store is also an option for keeping your bottle opener shiny bright.  The Hellcat bottle opener and gift box packaging is completely made in the USA.  It fits in the palm of your hand, has a nice feel, and measures approximately 4.25-inches long by 3.25-inches across the wingspan.

Anyone interested in aviation would enjoy owning this opener. This is available for $25 on the Banyan Pilot Shop website at

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Goodies and Gadgets - March 2013

Positive Data Continue to Accumulate for Tamarack’s Active Winglets

Preliminary flight tests are revealing significant fuel savings with Active Winglets installed on the Citation Jet.Tamarack Aerospace Group (TAG) continues to show significant performance and efficiency gains on a CitationJet equipped with Active Winglets according to flight test data. In a number of flights starting at gross weight (10,400 pounds), the Tamarack test CJ has beaten the published times for climbing to 41,000-feet by significant margins.

The most recent flight from Dallas to Jackson Hole (a distance of 1,100 nm) used 2,400 pounds of fuel. Starting at gross weight, an unmodified CJ would have burned 2,700 pounds of fuel. Practically speaking, the flight would have required one re-fueling stop, taken an extra hour to reach the destination, and burned close to 3,200 pounds of fuel. The ability to make the flight non-stop saved close to 800 pounds of fuel under realistic operating conditions that included 50-knot headwinds.

TAG has observed similar savings on several other flights, validating the potential for significant fuel savings with Active Winglets. These are preliminary results with a prototype aircraft on which the Active Winglets are still being optimized.

Active Winglet kits are expected to be available for the Cirrus SR22 this spring and for the CitationJet in 2014. For more information, visit www.Tamarack


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