Goodies and Gadgets: February 2015

Bob Hoover Flying the Feathered Edge Released on DVD, Blu-ray

Flying the Feathered Edge, the definitive documentary about the Pilot’s Pilot, R.A. “Bob” Hoover, is now available on DVD and Blu-ray–just in time for his 93rd birthday, which was Jan. 24. The 86-minute documentary includes exclusive interviews with Harrison Ford, Carroll Shelby, Burt Rutan, Dick Rutan, Col. Bud Day (Medal of Honor recipient), Gene Cernan, Clay Lacy, and Sean D. Tucker.

In Flying the Feathered Edge, Hoover reveals hard-earned wisdom from a life spent pushing the edge of the flight envelope while contributing to aviation’s many developments.

“This film captures my life story in an authentic and accurate way,” Hoover said. “I don’t know how it could have been done any better.”

EAA Chairman, Jack Pelton, calls it “the best aviation documentary I have ever seen.”

Award-winning producer, director, and editor Kim Furst, whose previous efforts include One Six Right, Discovery Channel’s Rocket Challenge, and Wings Over the Rockies, made the film.

Flying the Feathered Edge is available exclusively through the Bob Hoover Project website at The DVD is priced at $28.95, and the Blu-ray is $32.95.

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Goodies and Gadgets: January 2015

Over 1,000 Copies Later, Cessna 210 Flight-Ops Book Still Getting High-Flying Reviews

With strong sales since its release and a five-star rating on Amazon, Chuck McGill’s Flying the Cessna 210: The Secrets Unlocked has proven invaluable for numerous pilots who own and fly all models of Cessna 210s. Chuck McGill, a six-time Master CFI, offers his wisdom on optimum performance and safety based on his thousands of hours of flying and teaching in the airplane. Flying the Cessna 210 includes:

  •  Accessories and modifications
  • Tips and techniques for preflight, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, descent, and landing operations
  • Maximizing the 210’s versatility
  • 114 full-color photographs and illustrations in 11 chapters
  • Extensive Appendix

Flight instructor, author, and speaker Rod Machado says, “Chuck McGill’s book, Flying the Cessna 210, is an absolutely must-have for your library. After reading this book, you’ll feel that you’ve just sat down for a one-on-one ground lesson with one of our industry’s most respected flight instructors.”

Award-winning pilot and journalist Barry Schiff has this to say: “If you think you know what there is to know about flying a Cessna 210, Chuck McGill’s excellent book will both surprise and delight you.”

2008’s National Flight Instructor of the Year, Max Trescott, says, “I learned a number of things from Chuck’s book that I never knew about my plane. If you can’t fly with him, buy Flying the Cessna 210.”

One of the many glowing reviews on Amazon is posted by Charles Roell of San Francisco. He says McGill’s book is “My go-to resource, often as quickly as the POH and/or the AIM. Go fly with Chuck!”

For more information, visit, or download from the Apple iBookstore.

Chuck McGill has been teaching for more than 30 years and has logged over 13,000 hours in more than 80 different makes and models of General Aviation aircraft. He is a six-time Master CFI, and in 2009, was honored as CFI of the Year, FAA Western Pacific Region. He holds a Commercial certificate for ASEL, ASES, MEL, Instrument Airplane, as well as his CFI and CFII. McGill holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Business and is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, United States Marine Corps.


Goodies and Gadgets: December 2014

MTH Version of the Electroair Ignition System Now Available

Ameritech Industries, Inc. have announced the long awaited availability of the Magneto Timing Housing (MTH) version of the Electroair Certified Electronic Ignition System for Continental IO-360, O/IO-470, IO-520 and IO-550 six cylinder engines. Ameritech is the largest stocking distributor for Electroair and systems are on the shelf, ready-to-ship.

The EIS-61000-1M STC’d ignition kit is currently approved for Cessna, Cirrus, Bellanca, Beechcraft, Mooney, Meyers and Navion aircraft with models being added regularly. Check Ameritech’s website for the latest approvals.

The Electroair direct fire ignition system replaces one magneto with a Magneto Timing Housing (MTH), which feeds the engine position and RPM information to the Controller. The Controller also receives the input from the MAP sensor, computes the amount of dwell, adjusts timing, and signals the coils to fire directly into the spark plugs.

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Goodies and Gadgets: July 2014

Zenair Rivets Now Available at Aircraft Spruce
Zenith Aircraft Company is making available their unique blind rivets through Aircraft Spruce and Specialty. Blind (or pulled) rivets are a common type of fastener used in metal kit aircraft construction. They are available in 1/8-inch and 5/32-inch diameters.    

What makes the Zenair rivet distinctive is that as the rivet is pulled, the rivet head is drawn into a dome-shaped top which gives the finished rivet a low profile rounded top, enhancing the strength of the rivet while improving airflow over it. The ease with which these rivets can be pulled, or “popped,” saves considerable time and simplifies the entire kit building process. Aeronautical engineer Chris Heintz, designer of the popular Zenith line of kit planes, first started using structural blind rivets for light aircraft construction in the 1970s when he sought an easier alternative to bucked solid rivets, which require additional tooling and skills.    

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Goodies and Gadgets - February 2014

D’Shannon Baffles Refine Cooling Process

D’Shannon Baffle Cooling Kits provide vital airflow to engines, extending cylinder life.Realizing that properly fitting baffles can have a dramatic impact on cylinder life; D’Shannon Aviation has gone the distance in refining their custom baffle cooling kits for Barons and Bonanzas. It is one of the reasons the company went beyond FAA requirements, conducting flight tests in 100 degree ambient temperatures. Data collected in conditions that exceed FAA requirements have verified the cooling properties of D’Shannon engine baffles.

A vital factor in the effectiveness of baffles is the snugness of their fit against the cowling to utilize all incoming air by directing it over the cylinders. The new engine-mounted aluminum baffles are provided with high temp, high tear strength silicone that is used to mate the baffles to composite inserts that are attached to the upper cowling for maximized cooling.

D’Shannon Baffle Cooling Kits come with the mounting brackets, hardware, along with metal and flexible seals configured to eliminate any possible loss of cooling air. An engine with proper cooling will make it to TBO by substantially reducing CHT and oil temperatures.

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