Flying With Faber - May 2014

Cruising Along the Danube 

By Stuart J. Faber & Norman Sklarewitz

Cruising down the Danube at Passau. (Courtesy Passau Tourist Association)For many travelers, cruising the world’s oceans aboard one of those huge, luxury liners or cruise ships remains a primary holiday choice.  Last year, cruise lines carried 21.3 million passengers, more than half of whom were from the United States.

However, the smaller river cruise vessel is a rapidly emerging alternative to the multi-thousand passenger floating resort. These slimmer vessels accommodate no more than 250 or so passengers, often fewer, and travel relatively short distances along placid waterways. The river cruise vessel is bereft of Las Vegas-style production shows, shopping malls, rock climbing walls, midnight buffets, gaudy casinos and room service. But they make up for it in terms of a more peaceful, cozy cruise and daily accessibility to shore attractions.

The emphasis is to enable the guest to enjoy the scenery, learn the history and immerse themselves in the charm of Europe’s riverfront Old World cities and villages. These cruises provide day-long stops in European and other destinations throughout the world. Instead of changing hotels every few days, you return nightly to the comfort of your stateroom.  

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Flying With Faber - April 2014

San Francisco – I Just Can’t Stay Away

By Stuart J. Faber

San Francisco at dusk. (Cab Balcioglu/Courtesy of San Francisco Travel Association)Those folks who are acquainted with me or who are familiar with this column know that for more than 20 years, I’ve been making an annual New Year’s excursion from Los Angeles to San Francisco. 

I have visited just about every major city in the world.  San Francisco rates among the most beautiful, vivacious and intriguing.  On every visit, it looks the same and also looks different. With each visit, I discover new nooks and crannies everywhere I turn.  The city exudes the panorama of Hong Kong, the diversity of New York, the enchantment and romanticism of Paris, the bustle of Berlin and the intrigue of Budapest or Istanbul. 

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Flying With Faber - March 2014

Easy Cooking at Home with Faber

By Stuart J. Faber

I have grown weary of restaurant sticker shock and paying for food that is mediocre at best. I have written previous columns, which have featured a number of my culinary creations. Most of these recipes are excerpts from a cookbook, which I am in the process of writing.

For the past few years, I have been sending these recipes to friends of mine. I often receive an email or phone call a few days later. “I tried your recipe – it was so quick and easy to make. The best I’ve ever had.”

Of course, those responses make me feel great. Plus, they strengthen my belief that cooking at home can be fun, rewarding, healthy and less expensive.  Another name for these recipes could be: Things you thought you couldn’t make, but can! 

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Flying With Faber - February 2014

A Visit to LEGOLAND California 

By Stuart J. Faber

With Brad Faber & Janet Faber 

The entrance to Legoland Hotel. (Legoland California Resort)I’ve always been a fan of McClellan-Palomar Airport (KCRQ).  What was once a sleepy coastal landing strip has grown to one of Southern California’s premier airports. The solitary runway (6-24), lends a beautiful approach and magnificent ocean views on take-off. I am especially attached to the field because it was here where I acquired my type rating in a Cessna Citation 500. The field has ILS, RNAV and VOR approaches – great for practice. Two of my favorite FBOs are Magellan, 888/949-0888, and JetSource, 888/438-0877.

What’s even better is that just about three miles down the road from KCRQ is LEGOLAND and the LEGOLAND Hotel.  Recently, the Faber family explored the region. The explorers, consisting of Brad and Janet Faber (my son and daughter-in-law), and their two children (my grandchildren), Faith Anne, almost 4 years old, and Parker James, almost 1 year old. As an inveterate pilot, I have saddled the grand kids with aviation nicknames: Faith Anne Faber is FAF (final approach fix), and Parker James is P-51 (no explanation required). They absolutely loved the hotel and the park.

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Flying With Faber - January 2014

The Rubber Chicken

By Stuart J. Faber

When a self-made, fabulously wealthy business person is asked to reveal the secrets of his or her success, at or near the top of the list is invariably the following:  “I always associated myself with people who were smarter than I in their specialized field. I always tried to hire those folks as part of my team.”

Well, I’m not one of those business icons.  Nor am I one of those smart guys they pursued to be part of their team.  However, to elevate my proficiency as a pilot, I have always attempted to follow that business philosophy. I consistently sought out pilots with flying skills superior to mine.  With a healthy population of flight instructors, professional pilots and folks who are just naturals in an airplane, meeting outstanding pilots has never been too difficult. Some of these men and women became my friends as well as my flying buddies.

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