Concorde Battery at Sun 'N Fun 

Concorde Battery Welcomes You to Sun ‘N Fun 2018 in Lakeland, FL

With a Money Saving Promotion & Free Posters

Concorde Battery Corporation, manufacturer of aviation batteries, welcomes you to  Sun ‘N Fun 2018 with money saving promotions, free posters and chances to meet & greet your favorite aerobatic performers.

Purchase any Concorde Battery at Sun N Fun and receive a Free $50 Visa Card.  Purchase your Concorde battery from an authorized distributor:

Aircraft Spruce (Hangar B – booths B-001-B-009)

Chief Aircraft (Hangar B – booths B-038-B-041)

Wilco (Hangar A – booths A-069 – A-070)

Bring your receipt to Concorde Battery’s booth in Hangar B, Booths B-050 -051 to claim your Visa Card.

Pick up FREE POSTERS of the aerobatic pilots performing in the Sun ‘N Fun Air Shows at the Concorde Battery booth.

Personal Appearances will be made by many of the airshow performers at the Concorde Battery booth Tuesday – Saturday. Check below & at the Concorde Battery booth for Meet & Greet times.


TUESDAY APRIL 10:             Greg Koontz 11:30, Matt Younkin 12:30, & AeroShell Team at 2 pm!


WEDNESDAY APRIL 11:       Kyle Franklin 11 AM & Matt Younkin 12 Noon!


THURSDAY APRIL 12:          Kirby Chambliss 9:15, Sean D. Tucker 12:30 &

                                                Gene Soucy & Teresa Stokes 2:30!


FRIDAY APRIL 13:                 Jason Flood 12 Noon & Kyle Franklin 1:30!


SATURDAY APRIL 14:          The Kevin Coleman 1:15 & Gary Rower 2:00!


Concorde Battery Corporation is committed to standards of excellence in safety, reliability and longevity that have been sustained over 40 years in business. Concorde is dedicated to providing the highest quality lead acid battery solution and world class customer support.



For more information contact:

Concorde Battery Customer Service

Phone 626.813.1234



Visit The Airplane Factory USA at Sun 'N Fun

Come see us at Sun N’ Fun - April 10th - 15th
Lakeland, Florida
If you’re headed to Sun N’ Fun, come see us at booths N-082 & N-089 in front of Hangar A.  We have a beautiful example of a customer-built Sling 2 lovingly built by Bob and Joan Zaleski as well as a factory-built Sling LSA in the booth and we’ll be conducting demo flights out of Paradise City.  And when the weather breaks, you’ll get to see a custom-built Sling 4 Turbo that will knock your socks off!

The crew from Midwest SkySports came down from Michigan and the team from AeroSports in Illinois made the trip.  So drop by and say hello! 
With a little work and a bit of  imagination, your Sling 4 could come out looking as good as this one!

Created in our hangar in Torrance California, this Sling 4 came together from a quick-build kit to flying in just about six months.  You’ll be able to see it at Sun N’ Fun! 

So, yes, it’s possible to go from a kit in boxes to a beautiful flying aircraft in a very short period of time!
The Next Big Thing

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, here’s JJ Joseph moving right along on his Sling 4.  Having started with the quick-build kit just a couple of weeks ago, he’s making great progress don’t you think?

Even though JJ is working on his Private Pilot Rating now, he plans to earn his IFR ticket next and with a full IFR Garmin panel in this sweetheart of a Sling he’ll be able to take full advantage of its capabilities!

The rumors are true.  There will be a Sling 4 with a Rotax 915!

While we don’t have any pictures yet, the Factory in South Africa has begun flying an early prototype of the Sling 4 with the new 140 horsepower Rotax 915.  Target performance will be greater than 140 knots cruise at altitude with better useful load than the Sling 4 Turbo with the Rotax 914.  So stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed.  Maybe will see this new bird at AirVenture in July?

So if you want one before the end of the year, best get your deposit in ASAP! 



American Heroes Airshow Coming Soon


Breckenridge Airshow 2017

By Nick Viggiano

Zero (Nick Viggiano)It was a long wait, but after 21 years, the return of the Breckenridge Airshow finally took place on Memorial Day Weekend! By all accounts the show was a huge crowd pleaser.

Breckenridge, a small west Texas town, (60 miles northeast of Abilene and 100 miles west of Ft. Worth) put on another great show. And just like the old days, first time attendees were amazed at the number of warbirds (70), the precision of the flying and the size of the crowds.

According to FaceBook posts, there were people attending the show from all over North America, and also Australia! I personally met people from South Bend, Indiana and Parker Colorado. 

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Have Couch, Will Fly

By Bert Botta

For those of you who love to fly, you know that once “it’s in your blood,” the passion for flight never leaves. As a retired TWA and NetJet pilot, the passion for flight was still there so I recently began training pilots in aircraft simulators to fly in instrument weather conditions and to get hired at the airlines.

During one of my training sessions, I met a fellow pilot who told me about Gilbert Kliman, M.D. and his wish for a co- pilot to support him in his far-flung travels.

It appears that Gil and I seemed pre-destined to meet, one might even say serendipitously, around some combination of aviation and psychology from the get-go since I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor, in addition to my professional piloting career.

The Meeting and The Man

Gilbert Kliman, M.D.I met Gil at his home in San Francisco recently to interview him for this article. Up to that point we had flown together a few times, with me as his co-pilot and he as the pilot in command.

As I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco to meet him, years of memories from being raised in “The City” flooded through my mind as I pulled up in front of his beautiful home on Divisadero Street, in one of the most beautiful and stately neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Gil lives in a beautiful, totally remodeled, tri-level Victorian home that he and his wife have creatively set up as both home and office where, in addition to running the daily affairs of the Children’s Psychological Health Center, they each see patients on a separate level from their home.

From the first time I met Gil, I knew there was something special about him. His measured, concise, clear manner of speech and lively sense of humor conveyed to me his attention to detail and his deep commitment to and love of his work.

Gil has a “mentoring” quality that I immediately felt and connected with. This is something that is in short supply in most modern day men. It’s something that, as a man, I treasure and most often unconsciously seek out.

Before we started the interview in the lower level cubbies that serve as his agency’s Executive Director’s and video editing offices he leaned over and, true to his pilot persona, gave me a “pre-takeoff briefing” on the importance of protecting the privacy of his clients and the necessity for the strictest confidentiality during our interview.

The seriousness of his tone and his commitment to his clients’ privacy came through to me in somewhat of a contrast to my own, more relaxed code of confidentiality when I was in private practice as a professional counselor. I was impressed and immediately felt a respect for this man that would continue to grow the more I spent time with him.

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