Technology Improving Customer Service in the Airline Industry

Next-Generation Technologies Can Raise Customer Service Levels for Airline Industry

Bhupender Singh, CEO of Intelenet Global Services, says new technological innovations can transform customer experience with airlines

In this day and age, enriching the customer experience is at the forefront of priorities across all industries, given the increasing number of innovative technologies created to meet consumer’s demands for a quick, easy, and overall painless event. Nowadays, it takes only minutes to summon an Uber driver to transport people wherever they desire, or the relative ease of shopping for clothes, a car, or even a mortgage from a digital device. But when it comes to the domestic airline industry, many of its customers continue to face the often-frustrating experience of flight delays and cancellations, sorting out problems with airlines’ customer representatives, and long wait times to receive compensation for flight disruptions.

The airline industry can minimize the frequency of many of these travel-related issues if it adopts emerging technologies designed to not only reduce the rising stress levels of passengers, but also to improve the efficiency of its own operations. Digitization of the airline industry’s ecosystem––from purchasing tickets to travel agents checking fare rules––is desperately needed to provide customers with the same seamless experience that they now enjoy elsewhere.

Before it’s too late, airline carriers need to quickly integrate new innovations into their operations or risk losing market share to competitors who truly understand that a customer-centric culture can drive meaningful growth for their business and taking necessary action. One doesn’t have to look too far to see what is happening in other industries, where established companies are trying to figure out how to fend off their smaller but more technologically advanced challengers from going after their customer base. 

Automating processes to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty is certainly on the minds of many airline executives. A recent Accenture report found that more than 85 percent of airline execs said that technology-driven change will increase quite rapidly in this sector over the next three years. The report also showed that nearly 40 percent of airlines understood that the industry is on the verge of disruption.

Today, the airline sector is beginning to make moves when it comes to utilizing new technologies. For example, the industry has reduced costs by embracing intelligent automation for some of its operations such as online self-check-in systems, automated passport control, and custom clearance.

Despite efforts to automate these processes, airlines, on the whole, could still do a lot more to harness existing technologies required to make the customer journey a pleasant one.

When it comes to employing technology to create outstanding customer service, one airline exemplifying those standards is Southwest Airlines. The low-cost carrier has earned a reputation of collecting and analyzing data to make improvements in customer service. One example is the airline using speech analytics to obtain data from recorded conversations with customers, allowing Southwest to analyze their sentiment about experiences with the airlines compared with competitors.

Another example of how automation tools can improve customer service is the use of natural language processing to manage refunds and change fees while also complying with fare requirements. This has been shown to curb losses through automated fare calculations, enable quicker calculation of amounts related to schedule and ticketing changes, and a faster turnaround time for customer queries.

If it isn’t already, customer service must become a top priority for airlines, as studies repeatedly confirm that superior customer service will give a business a distinct competitive advantage. With a host of next-generation technologies available today and made to enable businesses to deepen their relationships with customers, the airline industry has a true opportunity to meet or surpass customers’ expectations.


Munich Airport Bike & Style

Bikers Coming in for a Landing Two-Wheeled Aerobatics to Kick Off “Bike & Style” at Munich Airport


There’s more than one way of getting airborne at Munich Airport: a bike will work too. Aug. 4 marks the start of “Bike & Style” in the Munich Airport Center Forum. It will represent a first for the airport from now until Aug. 20. It will be the hub of the international biking scene.


On opening day, the professionals will perform dazzling aerial tricks on the 3,000- square-meter layout with a gigantic display ramp. There will also be lots to see––and do–over the coming weeks. Every Friday, international stars will try to outdo one another in free styling shows and a high-jump contest. Spectators can cheer for their favorites on a 500-seat grandstand.


Bike & Style also has activities for the whole family. Those who want to experience the test course for themselves are welcome to give the latest electric mountain bikes a try. The pump track offers the opportunity to try “pumping” –– the art of creating forward momentum with up-and-down body movements. Free workshops will be offered to kids six to 16 years of age. There’s also plenty of fun for adults, including the chance to take part in workshops with the experts when the show days take place. Bicycles and protective equipment are provided free of charge. The course will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and will be open free of charge to all biking enthusiasts starting at 2 p.m.


Details on the activity program and workshops are available at



Fun Weekend Events at Planes of Fame 

Plane of Fame Air Museum
AUG. 4th, 5th, 6th 2017

Join us! Friday August 4th 2017

AM590 The Answer invites you to join The Jen & Don Show LIVE, Friday, August 4th at the
Planes of Fame Air Museum in Chino, CA
World War II Veteran Jerry Yellin (Co-Author) and Don Brown (Author) of “The Last Fighter Pilot” will be on-site for special book sales and signing.
FREE admission with advance purchase of book. “The Last Fighter Pilot” 
F4U Corsair ‘Whistling Death’    
Featuring: WWII F4U Corsair Pilot Mitchell Flint  
Admiral Don B. Shelton, RADM, USN (Ret.)
Author Michele Spry
Warbird Pilot and Collector Richard Bertea

Kevin Thompson Moderator and Historian
The F4U Corsair is scheduled to fly at 12 pm
Featuring the F4U Corsair which is an actual WWII Veteran and flew in combat over the Marshall Islands.  A speaker panel of distinguished aviation experts and historians is featured, followed by a question & answer period. The F4U Corsair  will be on display and perform a flight demonstration.
At 12:00 noon, the Raffle Flight will occur. Become a member to enter the Raffle. All members are eligible to enter the Raffle, but you must be present to win.
READ MORE… (Schedule subject to change)
Book Signing in the Gift Shop
Sunday August 6th 11am - 2pm

The Life and Disappearance of World War II Pilot Gertrude Tompkins  By James W. Ure
Award-winning author James W. Ure leads readers through Gertrude’s fascinating life; provides a detailed account of the WASPs’ daily routines, training, and challenges; and describes the ongoing search for Gertrude’s wreck and remains. The result of years of research and interviews with Gertrude’s family, friends, and fellow WASPs, Seized by the Sun is an invaluable addition to any student’s or history buff’s bookshelf.

James W. Ure is a former staff writer and editor at the Salt Lake Tribune and wrote features for the Deseret News. He is also a former publicist and executive director of the Sundance Film Festival. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Planes of Fame ~ Chino Airport
Museum is Open to the Public, General Admission: $11, 11 yrs and Under $4, Ages 4 and Under : FREE! (excludes special events)
Become a Member Upcoming Events Shop Online Contact Us
Click on image to see the F4U Corsair in action:

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Hartzell Two-Blade Aluminum Scimitar 

Hartzell 2-Blade Aluminum Scimitar Prop
Approved as Replacement for Cardinal RGs

Hartzell Propeller has received an STC for its two-blade aluminum scimitar propeller to replace the factory standard prop for Cessna 177RG Cardinal and Reims F177RG aircraft powered by IO-360-A1B6(D) 200 HP engines.
Offered through Hartzell’s Top Prop performance conversion program, introductory pricing is $10,500 for the new 78-inch diameter Scimitar propeller, composite spinner, and STC documentation. This latest STC is for stock Cardinal RGs. It is not eligible on turbonormalized aircraft or Cardinals with IO-390s engines. However, Hartzell offers its Trailblazer two-blade composite prop for those aircraft through General Aviation Modifications Inc. of Ada Oklahoma.
“This lower cost replacement propeller gives Cardinal RG owners and operators an opportunity to take advantage of Hartzell’s strong reliability and performance advantages,” said Hartzell Executive Vice President JJ Frigge. “Cardinal operators can now get a longer 2,400 hour, six year TBO and the longest warranty in the business, all the way through first overhaul.”
Hartzell’s 78-inch two-blade aluminum propeller offers climb and cruise performance equal to or greater than original factory installed propellers and a globally acceptable 86.1 dB(a) measured noise. It is also compatible with the Powerflow tuned exhaust system.

More information on this new two-blade scimitar aluminum prop will be available at Hartzell Propeller’s Booth 296-297 at the 2017 Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture Oshkosh 2017, July 24-30.  
Hartzell Propeller is the global leader in advanced technology aircraft propeller design and manufacturing for business, commercial, and government customers. In business for more than a century, the company designs next generation propellers with innovative “blended airfoil” technology and manufactures them with revolutionary machining centers, utilizing automation and robotics.  

Hartzell Propeller and its sister company, Hartzell Engine Technologies LLC, form the general aviation business unit of Tailwind Technologies Inc. For more information on Hartzell Propeller, go to




San Carlos Flight Center Releases "It All Began", a Video Celebrating Women in Aviation


San Carlos Flight Center (“SCFC”) is pleased to release a short video celebrating the women students and pilots of general aviation. The video brings together present and future women pilots and shows the positive impact that aviation had in their lives. San Carlos Flight Center chose to launch this video project because flying is a visually stunning activity, and the video shows women pilots in action.

The video, “It All Began”, shows the path that interested women can take to become licensed pilots. From looking out a window, to taking the initial steps into a flight school, the transformation that occurs in a flight-training process is displayed in full detail. The video was inspired by the song “A Piece of Sky” written by Michel Legrand with lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman for the movie Yentl. The song chronicles the journey of a woman realizing her potential to follow her dreams, and SCFC’s video includes a beautiful cover recorded by Nita Whitaker.

The video was created as a summer project, filmed and directed by SCFC staff member, Michelle Karpishin, a past winner of the Upwind Summer Scholarship. Karpishin invited all of the women SCFC pilots to participate in the filming, and many responded, eager to share their experiences with the next generation of women pilots.

While women are underrepresented in the aviation community, their influence is obvious, from learning to fly and taking passengers to working as Air Traffic Control tower operators. San Carlos Flight Center hopes to show through the video, that women are not only capable of being pilots, but that goals can be turned into a reality if you step outside and start on the path.

Fly Like A Girl is SCFC’s women’s pilot organization dedicated to encouraging all women in aviation, both in training and post-license. The video will be available on San Carlos Flight Center’s and Fly Like A Girl’s Facebook pages, as well as on San Carlos Flight Center supports Girls in Aviation Day, Sept. 23, 2017.

Video Link: 

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