Dayton Air Show Celebrates 100 Years of Air Shows

By Mike Heilman and Joe Gust

An F-18F “Super Hornet” makes a high speed pass creating a large cloud of vapor. The “Super Hornet” is part of the East Coast F-18F Demonstration Team based at NAS Oceana. (Mike Heilman)In 1910, the first major United States air show was held at Dominguez Field in Los Angeles, California, seven years after the Wright brothers from Dayton Ohio made their historic first powered flight in an airplane.  Dayton proclaimed the birthplace of aviation, celebrated 100 years of air shows at the 36th annual Dayton Air Show.  The show was held July 17th – 18th at the International Airport in Dayton.

The 1910 show drew a crowd of over 250,000 people for the ten-day event.  The two-day 2010 event in Dayton drew an estimated crowd of almost 80,000. That was close to the 2009 show that featured the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. The weather was good for both days and the show organizers put together another world-class air show lineup.

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Daughter of Legendary Fighter Pilot Visits National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

Telling her Father’s Story has Become the Top Mission for Christina Olds

Christina Olds visits the National Museum of U.S. Air Force to see her father’s F-4C Phantom.Christina Olds, the daughter of the late triple ace and Air Force Cross recipient Brig. Gen. Robin Olds, visited the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force to see her father’s F-4C Phantom, which is on display in the museum’s Modern Flight Gallery, before attending a book signing appearance in Dayton.
“I love this place,” said Christina. “The first time that I saw my father’s F-4 was in 2001 before he was inducted into the National Aviation Hall of Fame, and that was very emotional and impressive, but what has happened to me since then makes it much more meaningful.

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"Thunder" Lights Up the Sky Over Auburn

By Clark Cook

T-28 Trojan on short final (Clark Cook)Since the last air fair held here in 2008, Auburn’s “Thunder in the Sky” came roaring back…literally. The sounds of jets were heard in and around the area as the Patriots Jet Team made a debut performance. Although no aerobatics were performed, due to FAA restrictions, the team thrilled the audience with a series of passes and basic maneuvers. If the sight and sound of four jets and the smell of jet fuel wasn’t enough for the aviation enthusiasts, then the bi-annual event organized by Evan Wolfe and Darcy Brewer had much more to offer, including a variety of warbirds, antique aircraft, experimental aircraft and even a flying car!

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Inspiration Chino Air Museum: Evolution Of The Mustang

By Jim Dunn
(Jim Dunn)One of the great things about a visit to the Planes Of Fame Air Museum in Chino, Calif., is not only the opportunity to view some of the most famous warplanes in aviation history, but also to be able to visually examine the evolution of aerial warfare from World War I through the Vietnam era.

In some cases this large collection also allows the visitor a chance to see how certain types of these aircraft have developed from one model to the next, sometimes even changing missions as they evolved. The best example of this can be seen in the development of America’s greatest fighter of World War II, the North American P-51 Mustang.

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Colorful Birds Spotted at Red Flag

By Hayman Tam

The Thunderbirds are based at Nellis and did not let Red Flag interrupt their practice sorties. (Hayman Tam)The skies around Las Vegas were busier than normal with the annual Red Flag exercises recently concluded here in the Nevada desert.  Red Flag is an advanced aerial combat training exercise hosted at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada since 1975, with aircrew from U.S. military units and allied nations from around the world taking part in the two-week long exercise.
These exercises, held several times each year, have provided training to more than 13,000 aircrews and supporting personnel.  Red Flags typically include a variety of U.S. and allied aircraft performing missions such as air superiority; interdiction; electronic warfare; airlift support; search and rescue; and command and control.

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