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Express Aircraft, Here to Stay; Build It Yourself or Work With the Team


Composite Aircraft Technology, LLC acquired all of the assets of the former Express Aircraft Company in September 2007. With their 25 years of building experimental aircraft, they can safely say… Express Aircraft is back and here to stay! Their manufacturing facility is geared-up and ready to produce at least one new Express per month.

Express Aircraft is based at the Toledo, WA Airport (TDO). As production requirements dictate, the company will build additional facilities in order to maintain our service commitment to their customers.

From the beginning, the Series 2000 was designed with the capabilities of the first time builder in mind. Through careful planning, design, and engineering, we have taken significant steps to help you obtain your goal of flying your very own Express as quickly as possible. In fact, recent revisions allow for a new Express to be built in under a year of dedicated effort.

New builders can order the Express as a package kit complete with all the fiberglass components, hardware, landing gear wheels, tires and brakes. Builders will be embarking on a construction program that is designed to lead you quickly and easily through all the carefully-explained procedures. All parts are checked for quality and alignment…everything matches, everything fits and everything is identified. The detailed Builders’s Manual will safely guide and instruct you on how to easily build your aircraft, too. Nevertheless, if you run into a roadblock and get stuck, a quick call to the factory will get you back on your way.

For those builders who would rather fly than build, or who aren’t comfortable building a plane by themselves, Express Aircraft offers our revolutionary Builder Assist Program. This structured program allows a builder to assemble their entire Express airframe at the factory in only three two-week sessions. No tooling to make, no supplies to buy, no late night questions…just show up to build your airplane. Best of all, you’ll know it’s built correctly. When the airframe is completed, trailer it home or let Express factory finish it for you.

For more information, visit or call (360) 864-6271.

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