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Get Your Eye Gear On with Scheyden AirVenture 2018

By Annamarie Buonocore 

AirVenture season has arrived, and there are many goodies and gadgets to be had. Perhaps one of the most exciting items a pilot can treat him or herself to is a pair of Scheyden sunglasses. With many pairs to choose from, they are always the most comfortable and are designed with aviators in mind. Throughout the years, In Flight USA has enjoyed following Scheyden and its products, and once again, we were able to get a few words from Jeff Herold, president of the company. Do not forget your sunglasses before flying to AirVenture, but just in case you do forget, you can buy some of these amazing glasses on site. 

IF: What are your plans for this year’s AirVenture? Any new products? 

JH: We have now become a sponsor of performer, Rob Holland, one of the best competition aerobatic pilots in the world, so we are doing a giveaway of whatever Rob’s favorite Scheyden sunglasses are. He has several pairs, so it will be his determination of which ones become the prize. We see him wearing the Mustangs the most. We’ll have him performing. Airshow announcer, Rob Reider, of course will be there supporting our eyewear and mentioning the pilots there who are wearing the glasses. Another performer we are sponsoring is Scott (Scooter) Yoak, who will be in his Quicksilver P-51 Mustang. We’ll do sunglass giveaways with all of our performers, but Rob Holland and Scooter Yoak are the main guys right now. 

IF: Last year, you were thinking about hiring a family to go to the show and sell your products. Whatever came of that? 

JH: We had someone doing extensive promotions for us last year. They were a group of locals, and they just love our stuff, so they handed out discount cards. We’re going to be in several publications, including In Flight USA, so we will be well promoted and represented. 

We will not have a booth, and people always ask us why we don’t. Though we love the event, it is very difficult to ask employees to leave their families for 10 full days, which includes travel and set up of course. We will however be well represented there. You can go by Aircraft Spruce’s booth. They should have a selection of Scheydens to check out. 

IF: Do you have any new products you would like to draw attention to this AirVenture season? 

JH: You know… you’re gonna laugh. We have a new and exciting product that is coming out in mid-July just before AirVenture, but it is part of our golf line. 

IF: That’s okay. Many of our readers also love golf. 

JH: Many of our roots here are with golf. In fact, I was a golfer who became interested in business aviation. Because we have such great quality eyewear for aviation, we have had some of our golf customers ask if we could make a great pair of sunglasses for golf with a golf-specific lens. Of course you could also fly with this lens. 

IF: What is so special about this lens? 

JH: It offers great sun protection. You’ll still have your full UVA protection. You will have all the standard protections, but it is a much lighter colored lens so that you can golf in the shade under a tree without it being too dark. It’s a higher light transmission golf-specific lens. We’re letting more light in. As you can imagine, when you’re playing golf, you want to see the ball perfectly and read greens, but you also want to protect your eyes from getting sunburn, windburn, and pollen. 

IF: I think this product would be of interest to our readers. 

JH: Yes, and to add to that, most golfers prefer not to wear sunglasses when they play because they are just not comfortable. And that’s another factor we had to keep in mind. Because of all of the background from aviation that we use to make our frames the most comfortable in the world, we have made sunglasses that are also comfortable for golf. When someone is flying many hours, cheap eyewear just wears on you, and it’s the same on the golf course. They are super comfortable, non-fatiguing eyewear that make the pilot (or the golfer) forget that he is wearing the glasses. 

IF: Are there any new stores selling the products or new vendor relationships? 

JH: We have been online for many years now, but we now have about 40 optical shops, mainly in California, but a handful around the country. The plan is to get some good traction in our own back yard (Southern California) and then to expand to the rest of the country. We are going to get some representation in the Southeast starting next week. We are all pilots, but you don’t have to be a pilot to enjoy the comfort and style of these frames. That is how many of the greatest inventions start. They start in a particular category and then move out into the mainstream. 

IF: Are most of these stores in malls or in downtown areas? 

JH: Most of them are in optical shops with an optometrist or eye doctor. These are professional optical shops. 

IF: Going back to the newest sunglasses, how much is a pair of those? 

JH: The golf sunglasses will be $349. These are handmade titanium frames out of Japan with a proprietary nylon polymer lens. They contain a mixture of color dyes that will enhance the contours and the contrast of the grass. It will do better than any lens that has been made. We had the Japanese sending us sample after sample after sample to get the right color spectrums. These color schemes can affect how you see the colors. It is amazing the differences between various lenses that we have tested. 

IF: These are great… really top of the line. 

JH: No one has done this mixture of dyes for the color spectrum that we have gone after. 

IF: Do you have any other plans this airshow season? 

JH: We don’t have any at the moment, but we will always follow our sponsored performers. They will be giving out free product, and it is a pretty cool gift prize. 

IF: Do you have anything else for us? 

JH: We will be going to the Vision West show, which is in Las Vegas. It is the second largest optical show. It doesn’t really tie into aviation, but you will see many eye doctors there who deal with pilots. What can be more important than vision to a pilot? 

Of course we are always looking for new FBOs to carry the products. 

IF: Thank you! I sure hope they do.

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