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Newsletter from The Airplane Factory USA

Falling Back
With the arrival of Fall we thought you’d enjoy reflections on some recent Sling adventures. 
Marc Lee at OC Sling Aviation received recognition from AOPA, Matt & Jean from TAF Torrance attended the Copperstate Fly-In in Mesa, AZ, the gang from AeroSport flew to Florida for the DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase and more!
AOPA Awards Marc Lee of OC Sling Aviation!

The Airplane Factory congratulates Marc C. Lee on being recognized by AOPA as a National Distinguished Flight Instructor!  As such, Marc has the distinction of being among the TOP 1% of flight instructors in the U.S.
Marc is a Commercial, seaplane and instrument-rated flight instructor.   He earned his Private Pilot certificate at age seventeen while working for famed movie pilot, Frank Tallman, at his “Movieland of the Air” museum.  Marc currently runs his own flight school, OC Sling Aviation and instructs full-time at busy John Wayne Airport.
 Also an Advanced Ground Instructor, Marc is an adjunct professor of aviation at a Southern California college and is a member of SAFE (Society of Aviation and Flight Educators).  As an aviation journalist, he spent 10 years as a contributing editor for Plane & Pilot Magazine.  Marc often presents aviation topics to the industry and his Catalina Island instructional video is used by the Catalina Conservancy to train visiting pilots!
Please join us in congratulating Marc!  You can visit his website at: 
AeroSport Visits DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase

For the second year in a row, Jeremy and Daniela Knoll from AeroSport flew their Sling LSA from Wonder Lake, Illinois to DeLand, Florida for the 2nd Annual DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase, November 2nd - 4th and the weather couldn’t have been better! Dedicated to sport aviation, DeLand is all about recreational aircraft and flying for fun. A new event takes time to establish itself, but Jeremy and Daniela feel this event brought quality attendees really interested in light sport and are seriously shopping around for a new aircraft. Estimates are that attendance was up about 25% over last year!
Jeremy was very busy flying the Sling LSA. There was the daily showcase where the Sling LSA flew solo in the pattern while an announcer shared the details of the aircraft. He also conducted demo flights with potential customers and spent over an hour flying with Dan Johnson.  Dan conducted an extensive in-flight review with Jeremy and spent additional time in a one-on-one interview with Jeremy afterwards (above). Stay tuned for the final edited video featuring Jeremy and the Sling LSA on Dan’s website:!
The next DeLand Sport Aviation Showcase will take place November 1 - 3, 2018. And if you’re ever near Chicago, please give Jeremy and Daniela a call: 262-448-1122 or visit their website:
Matt & Jean go to Copperstate

Last month, Matt and Jean traveled to Mesa, Arizona for the 2017 Copperstate Fly-In October 27th & 28th.
On display in the booth, attendees were treated to a Sling 4 and a Sling LSA:  thanks to the owner Rick Nurkka who brought his Sling over from across the field and spent time talking to the many interested enthusiasts who came around.
Midwest SkySports is Building!

The crew at Midwest SkySports currently has a Sling 2 Quick-Build for some lucky customer who wants to complete it and make it their own! 
Feel free to contact Steve and the gang:
David Falstrup is Making Progress

Here in Torrance, builder David Falstrup is on track to complete his Sling 4 before the end of the year.  Starting with a quick-build kit at the end of August and under the watchful guidance of Jean D’Assonville, he’s made quick work of the empennage (shown) and wings and is now focused on the details of the fuselage and instrument panel.  This is going to be one sweet Sling 4! 
And we’re glad David’s project is moving right along because JJ Joseph is eager to start his Sling 4 quick-build in January!
Discount on Log Ten Pro
Our favorite electronic logbook is Log Ten Pro - and we recommend going electronic. It makes for much easier entering of flights, and it is easier to keep track of currency, as well as compile hours for insurance forms.
The Airplane Factory has negotiated a 12% - 23% Discount on Log Ten Pro professional pilot logbook for iPhone, iPad and Mac.
This market-leading logbook gives you:
* Total flexibility - hundreds of options for tracking everything you need and want to track, as well as the ability to create your own filters, groups, and reports,
* Instant access to a detailed analysis of your data including tracking certificates, currencies and endorsements,
* iCloud backup, instant iCloud sync between devices, digital signatures, print official logbook reports and much more!
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