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Palm Spring Expo Oct. 20

Tesla, Hondajet and More Flock to Palm Springs for the Flying Aviation Expo

Some of the best-known names in General Aviation are heading to Palm Springs to celebrate aviation as a lifestyle. CessnaGarminPilatusCirrusAvidyne, and Piper are just a few of the brand names that will join the festivities and elevate the city of Palm Springs at the Flying Aviation Expo Presented by Scheyden, Oct. 20-22 2016

Why Palm Springs?

Is it the obvious? Great hotels and restaurants, abundant shopping and entertainment, the high probability of perfect VFR weather? Jeff Herold, pilot and Aviation Expo LLC Principal comments, “It is very fitting to host a show like this in Palm Springs. The city is a true destination and brings with it a unique energy that continually attracts a wide range of visitors. With its timeless style and charm, the city sets the stage for a celebration of aviation as a lifestyle. What other aviation event can you schedule a morning round of golf and still take in an educational seminar or two followed by a great evening of entertainment? We are very aware that many pilots extend their visits to take in many of the other experiences that the Coachella Valley region has to offer.”

Who is attending?

Practically anyone who has a remote interest in flying privately as a hobby or business will be there. They will be joined by those in the industry that provide the goods, services, and products that all general aviators need and want. Pilots, enthusiasts, suppliers, and manufacturers will be flying in from across the country to join the Expo’s three-day event. Multiple owner flown aircraft brands will grace Palm Springs International’s taxiway Golf. From anyone who has ever been curious about flying or needs remedial training, the Expo will surely offer invaluable information.

Things to Do and See

Along with air travel innovation, experience a ride down the taxiway in a Tesla. Have a first look at a HondaJet; the first aircraft developed by the automotive company and highlighted for its fuel efficiency. Enjoy amazing static displays of both modern and vintage aircraft. Flight simulators, provided by Fly This Sim and California Aeronautical University will also be available to anyone interested in the art of flying and maneuvering aircraft. On Saturday, spend an hour getting guidance on how, when, and where to start and complete your journey to being a Certificated Pilot at the Learn to Fly seminar. Additionally, AOPA has put together a free, comprehensive program that provides all the step-by-step ground training needed to complete a Flight Review. For more information on seminars offered at the Expo,

After the daily experiences, where are the parties? John King and Rod Machado join over two dozen other prominent speakers in daily seminars that are followed by evening entertainment. The Expo’s elegant Hilton Poolside Party Friday evening features a world-class magician that just happens to be a pilot. As a grand finale to the three-day event, the Expo’s sophisticated 007 themed party will feature Sal “The Voice” Valentinetti, from America’s Got Talent along with exceptional LA cover band Night Owl. Sal will take center stage at the renowned Palm Springs Air Museum Saturday evening and will surely astound the guests with a voice as powerful as any in the world. To see some of Sal’s notable performances,


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