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I wholeheartedly agree! The Space Shuttle program was a source of national pride. Ending it without an existing replacement is a national shame.

Barack Obama talks about the unemployment problem, but ending our manned spaceflight capability, regardless of how long it will be, will undoubtedly result in massive layoffs, particularly among those who have trained long and hard in their specialties. They know what it's like to be hitting the books on a Friday night, while those interested in merely pursuing a piece of paper saying they went to college are having a lot of fun. Furthermore, what they have gained in experience is not something that you can get merely by completing one's university education.

These people will have a tough time finding another job in their field, particularly one that will pay them what they are worth. They are overqualified for many of the jobs for which they will apply, but while employers know they would be getting more for their money, they would also know that if they do not pay someone what he is worth, that he will stay only until he can find a better-paying job elsewhere.

When our manned spaceflight program resumes, many of those who should be senior level employees will no longer be around to prevent mistakes of the type they had seen before.

Ending our manned spaceflight capability is far more than a loss of prestige and hardware. Those who made it what it is are a national treasure. As the saying goes, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

September 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLarry Nazimek
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