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Thank you for your interest in the In Flight USA Cover Program. The goal of the program is to add editorial and artistic color to our magazine while giving our clients the opportunity to express their message in a bold way with even wider reach. All cover ads come with an interview or press release feature, a free quarter-page ad within the magazine (can also be used in our sister publication, Ranching USA, and an online ad). While we welcome covers that are already built, it is not necessary to build your own cover. Simply turn in a photograph or two, and we will make it work. 


In Flight USA Cover Artwork Guidelines: 


  1. The cover must be aviation related and must feature an aircraft: plane, drone, crop duster, etc. 
  2. The image must be at least 300 dpi. 
  3. The cover may include verbiage but no more than 20 words. It is recommended that you submit a tag line. Logos will not be featured on the cover, but can be included inside the magazine. 
  4. The cover must be the size of a full-page ad with bleed 11x12.875. 
  5. The cover must be in color. 
  6. The cover must be vertical and have enough air at the top to include magazine information . 


For questions on the cover, please contact Sales Manager, Ed Downs, at 918/873-0280 or our headquarters at 650/358-9908. Not ready to pursue a cover? Visit our website for other great advertising options:


Thank you for your interest and business! 

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