Kitfox: 30 Years and Looking to the Future

Affectionally known as The Mule this aircraft was originally built as a Kitfox test aircraft for prototype reasons. The Mule ended up being an Bronze Lindy award winner at Oshkosh in 2010 with the 7 cylinder Rotec Radial engine then was the first to fly the new O-233 LSA engine with their electronic ignition. Then followed by the first kit install of the Rotax 912iS and 912 iS SPORT.. then converted from Tail wheel to Tri-gear. (Kitfox Aircraft LLC)Kitfox, the iconic kit plane that first hit the market as what was basically a two place, cabin ultralight, is celebrating 30 years of continuous production. Introduced in 1984, the Kitfox Model I was powered by a 50 hp. two-stroke engine contained in the classic look of a round cowl. It caught on with Model II and Model III versions following during the next five years. The gross weight and engine options were expanded with each new model. All versions had a common feature that remains alive today, the ability to buy the entire kit in a single box, including engine, and assemble it in minimum time. 1989 saw a “new” Kitfox arrive, with the introduction of the Model IV, having a higher gross weight, different wing and completely revised flight control system. The “Speedster” version of the Model IV captured the imagination of every classic aircraft lover and Kitfox was soon outselling the “big three” GA aircraft manufactures combined.

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