Charlie Briggs

Blue Skies and Tailwinds to In Flight USA Writer Charlie Briggs

On Tuesday, Aug. 26, during the In Flight production week, we learned that our newest writer died suddenly. Charlie Briggs, 84, joined our monthly staff of writers in January of this year. His mission was to bring “real-world” experiences to our pages, reflective of the thousands of aircraft owners and flyers who simply lived with an airplane as a permanent family member. Charlie was a pilot for more than 65 years, having a career that included ranching, agricultural services and consulting, computer technologies and business concept development. On our pages, Charlie reminisced about his life in the sky and in so doing touched many hundreds of our readers who reacted with “something like that happened to me…” or “ha, you think that story was funny, I can top it!” Overall, in eight short months, Charlie charmed his way into the hearts of his In Flight family… staff and readers alike.

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