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Saving the Reno Air Races

By Marilyn Dash

T6s battling it out on the racecourse. (Bruce Croft/20 West)What can be done to save the Reno Air Races? This is the question posed to me by so many air-racing fans. We know changes are being made – but – are they enough? Are these changes coming too late? What are the signs we should be looking for to see if the changes are working?

RARA has made several announcements lately – including the dismissal of Michael Houghton, the President and the paring down of the paid staff to six individuals. Recent news adds a reduction in the Board of Directors from more than 20 members to a total of seven.

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What’s Next for Me and My Pilot Certificate?  Take it to the Next Level!

By Jerod Flohr

The Great Lakes with the San Francisco skyline in the background. (Max G Aviation)Do you ever find yourself bored with your pilot certificate? Take it to the “next level,” that’s what I always say. But what do I mean?

It has been a couple of years since I’ve written an article for In Flight USA but some of you may remember my articles about chasing and achieving my dreams of being an airshow pilot. If you do not remember the articles, the journey was long and difficult, but with the help of many mentors and friends, paired with a relentless pursuit, I was able to obtain my 500-foot waiver from Wayne Handley and fly airshows – even my hometown show!

I am now one of the founders of Max G Aviation, a new and exciting flight club that focuses only on what I call, “the fun stuff.” I say this because the fun stuff can be a solution to finding the “next level.” This is obviously a generic saying but I find myself saying it most to private pilots who have had a few too many “$100 hamburgers” and are wondering what’s next. The most common response someone gives to these people has to do with pursuing another rating, mainly an instrument rating. I am never one to suggest against someone getting an instrument rating – I highly recommend it even for the pilot who claims they never intend to fly in IMC (for obvious reasons that could be covered in its own article). But the fact of the matter is, people want to know what they can do with the certificate they already hold – and there are all kinds of options! Let’s discuss.

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