Editorial: Support Your Local Lobbyists

By Ed Downs

Seriously, support lobbyists? You mean like the cartoon dudes made famous by the likes of political cartoonist, Tom Nast, often portrayed as fat, ugly, and bombastic, with money sticking out of their pockets, ready to buy favors and influence? You mean that kind of lobbyist? Well, yes, depending on whom you are talking about… but let me back up just a bit and explain where this thought is coming from. First, a disclaimer: These are the opinions of this writer, and as such, are written in the first person. Please do not get mad at the good folks who publish this great magazine. If this editorial opinion sparks your need to respond, please go to www.inflightusa.com, scroll to the end of this editorial, and utilize our interface options to add your thoughts.

You will be reading this editorial in the July issue of In Flight USA, an important month in this country’s history. Three important events take place in the last weeks of July 2016.  The first event is one that we all enjoy. It is very relevant to our passion for flying and fully supports the diversity of GA businesses and aviation interests. This is, of course, EAA AirVenture, 2016. 

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