Editorial: Bad is Good?

By Ed Downs

To be sure, editorial comment should have a purpose other than promoting just the opinions or ego of the writer. This writer would like to think that In Flight USA editorial views would inform and be of benefit to at least a large part of our readership. Having set this lofty goal, subject matter becomes important. Fortunately, in this fast-moving world of aerospace, recreational flying, science, and the ever-changing world of Federal regulations, topics are typically easy to find. At least, that is normally the case.

This writer follows PR, news, recent events, and throws in a bit of personal experience to try to be informative and topical; all good intentions, but sometimes hard to achieve.  At this time in our country’s history, it seems like our entire news and information world, including virtually every form of social media, is focused on the claptrap we politely refer to as the “political arena.” And with that, this writer comes to the title of this month’s topic… When is bad, good?

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Scheyden’s Herold Has Passion for Aviation and Fun Making Him the Perfect Owner and Host of Aviation Expo 2016

By Vickie Buonocore

Aerobatic pilot Sammy Mason will be at Aviation Expo 2016. (Sheyden)Soon after buying a major aviation event, like Aviation Expo, it would seem logical to hire the best experts in the field of aviation, aviation event planning, and promotions to run it. These folks know how to organize, orchestrate, and efficiently pull off such an event. Of course, that’s just what Scheyden’s Jeff Herold did; he bought the show and quickly hired the best in the business. But then he added a rather unique ingredient lacking in so many major aviation-related events today. He brought his personal experience as a manufacturer, supplier, and exhibitor to the table. With that, Aviation Expo 2016, with Herold at the helm, promises to cater not only to aviators with information, products, and parties but also to exhibitors who can look forward to efficiency, marketability, profitability, and yes, parties!

For exhibitors, “it’s like going to a show that I would want to be at… imagine that,” said Herold. For pilots and aviation enthusiasts, The “Flying” (i.e. Flying Magazine) Aviation Expo presented by Scheyden, set for Thursday through Saturday, Oct. 20 through 22 at the Palm Springs (Calif.) International Airport, offers a unique platform. Featuring more than 300 brands–aviators will experience the widest selection of hands-on products in aviation and luxury lifestyle, sophisticated social events and tastings, static displays with 75 aircraft and education, and hands-on demonstrations, with dozens of sessions to choose from. As for exhibitors, there will be ease of setting up booth space, logistics that are efficient and affordable, and also special events so that owners and their staff can relax a bit and enjoy the overall experience and beautiful Palm Springs resort area.

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