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Cessna’s new Skyhawk JT-A. (Photo courtesy of Cessna Aircraft)


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Flying With Faber

Final Stopover at Auckland, New Zealand

By Stuart J. Faber

A view of downtown Auckland and the Marina. (Stuart J. Faber)Back in the ‘60s, as I was about to embark on my very first trip to Europe, a friend, who had just returned, imparted some sage advice.

“If you plan to visit several countries, from Great Britain to Hungary and from Sweden to the tip of Italy, chances are you will fall in love with each country. This will create severe serial separation anxiety. As much as you love the country you are about to depart, tear yourself away. You will love the next destination even more.”

To this day, that was one of the best travel tips I have ever received. As our B-737 departed Queenstown, I twisted my head back as far as I could for one last look at this magnificent parcel of earth. Saddened, I recalled the words my friend had uttered almost a half century ago.  Auckland will be even better – and it was true.

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