Ice Cream at Jaffrey

It was a beautiful warm summer afternoon in June of 1986. My wife had just returned from working the morning shift at the local Filene’s Department Store and, as was her way, she had befriended her manager Linda and brought her home for an impromptu luncheon. I consider myself to be a people-person – I love to meet new people and discover common interests and experiences; Sandi is a people-magnet– she just has a way of striking up a conversation with just about anyone, anywhere. It’s one of her most endearing qualities and a wonderful trait that has served us well and brought us so many dear friends over the years.

We enjoyed our lunch and then pondered what to do for the rest of the afternoon. Ideas were not forthcoming until I suggested we go get an ice cream. Great idea! Little did they know whereI wanted to get an ice cream. They would have been forgiven if they thought I meant the great little ice cream parlor called Chadwick’s just down the street from our condo in Lexington, but needless to say, that wasn’t what I had in mind… that would have been much too simple.

Their first clue that things weren’t as they expected them to be was when I got on the highway – Chadwick’s was just a mile down Concord Avenue from our home – no need to take the highway.

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18 Months and Counting

By Ed Downs

Boy, time flies when you are having fun!  This writer responded to an AOPA editorial in October 2014, regarding the coming of ADS-B on Jan. 1, 2020.  The main concern addressed by AOPA at that time was that many radio shops, installers and pilots were simply not up to speed on ADS-B.  Regrettably, this writer also needed a good dose of ADS-B education and hit several resources to add to my scant knowledge.  But, it was also noted that there were five years to go and all would be good by the time the deadline actually hit.  Well, not so much, as recent articles and questions from pilots in many of the classes I teach, including information presented by the FAA, indicate that a lot of misunderstandings still remain.  Maybe it is time for a little review?

The biggest misunderstanding this writer sees almost daily is the belief that allaircraft must be equipped with ADS-B by Jan. 1, 2020, or they will become lawn ornaments. Simply not true.  ADS-B capability will be required if you choose to fly in Class A, B or C airspace, above 10,000 feet MSL (unless within 2,500 feet of the surface) and within 30 nautical miles of any Class B airspace, whether or not you are actually in that airspace.  This is identical to the transponder rules we fly with today. To be sure, if you regularly fly through large metropolitan areas, loaded with Class B and C airspace, you will need to pony up and install ADS-B.  But this writer has flown coast to coast many times over the years in aircraft with noavionics, availing myself of Class E and G airspace and the approximately 6000-plus public use airports that need no communication capability. To be sure, just like today’s transponder, ADS-B greatly improves accessibility to complex airspace, but one can do quite nicely without it.

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